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To honour Alex’s legacy, we will be continuing raising awareness and funds for Parkinson’s disease.

Alex died at the age of 49. Parkinson’s disease did not cause his death, the lack of knowledge, education, understanding of this disease did.

Parkinson’s disease does not discriminate against its victims, society does.

Around 145,000 people live with Parkinson’s disease in the UK and it’s the fastest growing neurological condition in the world. Behind every individual living with Parkinson’s disease there ia a family.

Alex said Parkinson’s disease is like dropping a pebble into a still lake; the ripple effect on an individual, their families and their lives is huge.

Employment, housing, finances, support – all of these are affected.

‘You did a fantastic job, you are a very natural speaker and I’ve no doubt will do a great job carrying that baton of Alex’s! You made a huge impact on our team and your story is emotional for all of us to hear’.

West Pharmaceutical Services, Germany

If you would like to find out more information and how we can help break down barriers by providing education, understanding and awareness of Parkinson’s disease please click the button contact us:

Parkinsons and Me

Parkinson’s disease creates many challenges for both the directly affected individuals and the people they live and work with. The wide variety of symptoms also make
it difficult for people to understand the condition, often leaving the person with Parkinson’s feeling isolated and misunderstood.

This is why our families and the wider community are so important to our well-being. While we wait for the longed-for cure, we need to work with the people closest to us to manage our daily lives in the most positive way possible.

This is what Parkinsons.Me is all about. Our mission is to provide practical help to families affected by Parkinson’s.

Find out more at Alex’s website

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