Dubai and a bad toe!!!

Hi all

It’s been a crazy week since returning back to the UK from completing the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon.

I love Dubai. It’s as simple as that. The place, the people, and the atmosphere are fantastic. Okay, the driving experience is something to be believed but apart from that it was an amazing trip which, for me, both professionally and personally was a learning curve and truly beneficial.

The race itself is flat, long and is just one road in and out of Dubai. Now this may not seem challenging but believe you me, is mentally tiring as arduous as any city marathon you like to think of. Certainly the humidity got to several competitors who were suffering quite badly with the effects. I can only say that my experience in the desert and running marathons and Ultra marathons make me careful to take on sufficient water. The estimated time of 4.5 hours was bang on, except there was a slight delay due to a good-looking television reporter and her fantastic crew, who delayed both myself and Bryan Garrett and the 1,000,000 metre mark to record passing that milestone for TV. In the end, I reached the finish line in 4 hours 52 min. A fantastic race and one which I would happily do again!

A full write up of the race and the Thames Trot will be available in next months Running Fitness as I have a new monthly column starting!!!

All photos can be seen on my facebook page at

I’d like to take an opportunity to thank several people and organisations for their help and support (continued or otherwise) in achieving 1,000,000 metre milestone and realising a fantastic opportunity of competing in the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon. They are as follows:

1.       Bryan, Becky, Ned and Ruby Garrett for their hospitality, kindness, support and organisational skills; without which the Dubai experience would not have been the success that it was.

2.       My sponsors, (see sponsors page for more details). Orca, Buff, CompresSport, Scott Health and Safety, Samsun Engineering and in particular, the DeVere Group

3.       The organisers of the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, including Mr Alan Ewens and the Standard Chartered to Buy Marathon media team.

4.       The media including Dubai One and the cast and crew of the Studio One programme; including Sarah who went above and beyond the call of duty in trying to organise lifts home!

5.       Becky Hurd for photos.

However, I returned home with an infected toe which has taken the past week to heal using, what I can only class has horse tranquilliser size antibiotics. I was asked, after showing the antibiotics to a friend whether I should be taking them with a glass of water or on my own somewhere!

If you get a chance this week, to catch up on last Friday’s Anne Diamond show on BBC radio Berkshire, I’m told it’s well worth a listen at two hours and 3 min into the programme! Anne was kind enough to invite me on her show to discuss my 10 Million Metres campaign and Parkinson’s.  You can find the show, for this week only, on the listen again section of the BBC radio Berkshire website. Hope you enjoy listening to it.

I’m currently finalising plans and logistics for the 50 mile Thames Trot for next weekend. It should be an interesting course, and with a cut-off time-limit of 11 hours, it should be a challenge. I hope that if you were walking along the Thames next Saturday and you see runners passing you by, please shout encouragement. It will certainly be welcome!!

Thinking about running the Thames Trot next weekend brings to mind my Sunday schedule. As I am now aware that sore stiff legs will make it a challenge to get Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea play Liverpool the next day. But make it I will! So, if you’re down that way and you see a man walking with a spectacular pimp walk, that man will be me!

Keep moving!

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