the Kindle, a posh evening do and stepping it up!!!!

Hi all,

This will be the first blog since registering with Blogs for Kindle.  So, a swift hello and thank you for subscribing to this blog if you’re reading it on a Kindle!  It’s a bit of an experiment for me and one which was suggested by Russ Cox.  It was one of those amazing conversations while discussing daft races that accidentally produce great ideas.

On the home front becoming a dad (again) is big on the agenda. The baby has not yet been born at the time of writing.  Aurélie is massively pregnant and baby to be is ready to go as he’s ever going to be!  It’s a waiting game and I’m impatient to see my new little boy.  In any event, I’ll keep you posted.

Events this week have been wide ranging.  The news that the forthcoming GoTrail magazine will be a double issue and contain the 10MillionMetres article on the Otter Trail is really exciting.  I can’t wait to see the magazine, the photos and the new film from Motion Pixel.  I think you’ll like it too. I am told that it will be out sometime later today, so check out when you can.

I have also been busy with another film; namely, highlights from my speech at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford (UK) on 9 November 2011.  You can find it on the video-wall of my website at I’d love some feedback. So don’t be shy. Please get in touch via the contacts page of my website.

Talking of getting in touch, the BBC has come knocking.  Well, nothing definite yet but there could be a possibility of being involved in a new program.   No promises. However, it is exciting to be approached.  I’ll keep you updated.  I met with the person involved (I think it a bit premature to print names) and had a long discussion over coffee which, I think, was productive. I then had to go and meet with a recruiter, as I was made redundant last week.  So of course, the guy from the BBC came too.  Slightly unique and I’m sure it left an impression on the recruiter, lol.

Later that same evening, I attended a soirée for the Cure Parkinson’s Trust.  The evening is the Cure Parkinson’s Trust’s annual thank you to all their fundraisers, and the room was packed.  I’m really grateful for the fantastic words from the Cure Parkinson’s Trust thanking me for my fundraising, which I would like to point out, could not have been possible without the fantastic donations of everyone who has given to this worthy charity; including Mimi Anderson, Danny Lavender and of course, not forgetting my core sponsor the deVere group.  A good night and a lot of interest was generated in the 10MillionMetres campaign.

Most importantly, training has stepped up a notch or two and I am really feeling the benefit.  What with the effort of tackling the CYBEX machine (giving me the grimace in the photo, left) , swimming and cycling, the ankle is coming on. So much so that the wonderful Gerry, from ActiveVIII, has said that I can start running again from the end of next week.  Big smiles…now comes the slow climb to full fitness.

I’ve been here before and I know I can do it.  What’s more with the plans I have for 2012, I have plenty to work hard for!

Keep moving!

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