The countdown begins…42 days to Trans-Europe

It’s 30 April and only 42 days until the start of what I hope will be an extraordinary challenge for both me and Dave Clamp. Dave is going to run the (at present) 1836 miles (3000km) with me. and I’m really glad that Dave’s on board. The support team is shaping up in the form of John Saunders and Paul Grindrod. Things are coming together.

At this point, I’d like to thank Jane for her amazing planning and organisation for the route to Rome. In fact, I was presented wwith a cross section of 100 km of the Alps (the Swiss Alps), which Dave and I are going to cross. Just in that 100 km we will have to climb 32 peaks which have a cumulative climb of over 14,000 metres!!! Just so you can picture what that equates to, it will be like ascending 1.6 times Mount Everest and down in a day!!!! This is going to be tough!!

Dave sent me an e-mail, stating, with regard to the 32 peaks, that we are bloody bonkers, the wording of the email then proceeded to get incredibly excited. I like Dave. He inspires me and he’s always up for the challenge. There are too few people out there that are!

For me I was slightly staggered. My first thought was how are we going to do this? My next thought was how incredibly mad and absolutely brilliant a challenge this is turning out to be. I figure it’s worth a go. We’ve nothing to lose.

Lastly, I received my new Orca 3.8 wetsuit and I have to say that it looks and feels awesome!! I will be swimming with it as much as I can at the Tri20 centre and shall update you on progress!!

I will update this blog daily with the preparations for and also during the Trans-Europe. So please check this daily. If I forget to post…..please feel free to remind me at

Have a great day!! Keep moving!!

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