Kungsleden Expedition 2017

February 22nd Alex Flynn attempted the Kungsleden (Kings Trail) as part of a 3 man expedition lead by Scott Gilmour.

The Kungsleden in northern Sweden stretches 450km (275 miles) Northwards deep into the Arctic Circle temperatures can reach as low as -30 degrees centigrade and wind speeds have been measured as fast as 40m per second. This was a massive step into the unknown for Alex and not for the feint hearted.

After badly twisting his right ankle Alex carried on dragging 60kg(135lbs) of weight across some exceptionally challenging terrain. He even duck taped his ankle to provide support however, his pace slowed until he was only moving at 2km per hour. Too slow to keep warm. The extreme weather conditions combined with the effects of his serious injury exacerbated his Parkinson’s symptoms and with the risk of Hypothermia as well as an upcoming stretch of 100km (where rescue would be difficult), Alex took the decision to leave the expedition.

“I am disappointed not to have finished but equally happy to be the first person with Parkinson’s to attempt the Kungsleden in Winter. Notwithstanding my injury, I dragged that 60kg across almost 28 km of the Arctic including mountains. I am grateful to my sponsors and to the  people who helped me achieve this world first” – Alex Flynn.

Alex was raising funds for Spotlight YOPD in the UK and the Michael J Fox Foundation in America.

If you feel inspired by Alex’s efforts on the Kungsleden please consider donating to the charities below.





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