UK and Europe

It all started in the UK. Highlights include the Country to Capital 45, running the Ridgeway challenge (85 miles), 2 x Thames Trot 50, as well as countless 5k and 10k races to half marathons (Reading, Henley, the London Marathon (twice), the Dublin Marathon and the Athens Classic Marathon and racing 120 miles of the Grand Union Canal. Inextricably, things got bigger which lead to running 160 miles across the Bavarian Alps in 52 hours with an hour and a half sleep and completing the Lavaredo Ultra Trail race across the Italian Dolomites as well as the Trans Europe Challenge. This took Alex on an astonishing 1457 miles from London to Rome (via Brussels and Paris), 400 miles of which Alex ran with a stress fractured right tibia and he completed the first 20 marathons in 10 days.

In February 2017, Alex returned from the Arctic after attempting unsupported 450 km expedition of Sweden’s Kungsleden (Kings Trail) in freezing temperatures of -29°C.

in May 2020, during the first pandemic lockdown, Alex climbed the stairs in his home to 2.3 times the height of Everest (being a vertical marathon). He completed the climb in 7.5 days.

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