Alex has raised funds for and awareness of Parkinson’s for many charities. These include Cure Parkinson’s Trust, the European Parkinson’s Association, the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and the Parkinson’s Institute to name a few. He was formerly one of the founders of Spotlight YOPD, a charity that focuses on people with young onset Parkinson’s disease.   

Many people who are diagnosed under the age of 40 still have their careers and life ahead of them. Their plans and aspirations are in the blink of a moment wiped out by a devastating diagnosis. How can these people help themselves not only to come to terms with what they have but also find information to help them live and deal with perpetual change and the impact that Parkinson’s will have on their lives.

Helping your family to live with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s creates many challenges for both the directly affected individuals and the people they live and work with. The wide variety of symptoms also make it difficult for people to understand the condition, often leaving the person with Parkinson’s feeling isolated and misunderstood. 

This is why our families and the wider community are so important to our well-being. While we wait for the longed-for cure, we need to work with the people closest to us to manage our daily lives in the most positive way possible. This is what Parkinsons.Me is all about. Our mission is to provide practical help to families affected by Parkinson’s.

Aside from fundraising, Alex inspired hope and positivity by showing that we are capable of so much more, irrespective of diagnosis and that disability is not a disadvantage as we are all capable of being extraordinary.

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