5 weeks 6 days until Trans-Europe!!!

Best made plans…I’m sure you know the rest. Today was an exercise in restraint. I want to tell the world and shout it loud that I’m running a truly epic distance! 1836 miles across Europe with Dave Clamp. However, I’ll have to wait as a certain wedding has happened and the media have that in mind for milking, and rightly so. It was a beautiful wedding and congratulations to the happy couple!!! So for the first tine in a long while I’m being patient when I certainly don’t want to. Not like me at all!! 🙂 Thinking about it, I’ve always been slightly impatient. Particularly when I was younger and the bribe or gift in return for my good behaviour was chocolate! I’ve always got time for chocolate! 🙂 That said, some would lose that sense of urgency, but it hasn’t left me; even though I’m fast approaching 40 and also that the chocolate has been replaced, instead, by the need to run across Europe, raise £1million and find a cure.

So, this morning I went back to the lake. The water was cold and made me feel wide awake. Alive! However, lack of meds (didn’t take enough) put paid to getting further than I did, but I was ok. That’s actually a good thing as I didn’t panic but was, instead, thinking more about getting my swim straight. It was top to have seen Cerri, Dom, Kevin and also Russ. Added to that the arrival of Clive, and everyone was there! If you’ve not checked out the Tri20 swim centre near Reading, you really should! Still debating the impact/non-impact balance before the run….will keep you posted.

In contrast to the swim, I spent  a  great afternoon with my family at the CPT Bluebell Picnic! Aurelie and I sat in the sunshine while our two fought other boys over control of the island in the lake! I truly wonder where they get their competitive streak from? Leaning back and looking at the sky, I realised that to achieve the 10 million metre mark, I’m really going to have dig deep for the 1836 mile Trans-Europe! I hope you find the thing that will motivate you to change your life. For some it will take courage to make that decision. For others, they may not have the option and it will take courage to accept that change.  For me I welcome it. As I always say… Make change happen!!

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