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1800+ miles in 30 days for 10 Million Metre Man.

Alex Flynn is a man on a mission.  The 39 year old Lawyer from Oxfordshire, UK, is determined to run, walk, crawl, swim and, or cycle 10 million metres to raise £1 million for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

Between 10th June and the 9th July 2011, Alex and co-runner Dave Clamp (Deca-Ironman and former Team GB triathlete) will run more than 1800 miles across Europe, from London to Rome (including traversing the Alps) in 30 days.   The equivalent of more than two marathons a day. Every day!!

Over the course of the next 3 years, Alex will be undertaking this mission, metre by metre, step by step, stroke by stroke.  This is a huge quest for anyone, but more so for Alex as he is doing all this whilst continuing to battle, on a daily basis, the effects of the degenerative neurological condition that is Parkinson’s disease on his own body.

Alex has already completed 1,149,728 metres of incredibly difficult and tough races during his 10MillionMetres mission. He has become the first Parkinson’s sufferer to complete the Marathon des Sables and undertaking races that would daunt the average person, Alex has many more great and epic races yet to come, including the forthcoming Challenge Henley Ironman distance Triathlon and also the South African Otter Trail in September among others.

Raising awareness of Young Onset Parkinson’s disease, Alex has previously run with Dave across the Bavarian Alps in the Europe135 and more recently undertaking the Thames Trot 50 mile race; Dave helping Alex to cross the finish line in just over 10.5 hours.  Last November, Dave competed in the World Deca-Ironman Challenge (38km swim, 1800km bike and 422km run) in Monterrey Mexico; coming a close second and is looking forward to a further Deca-Ironman championship later this year

Alex says “This is going to be the hardest and toughest challenge yet in my quest to reach 10MillionMetres and raise £1Million for the Cure Parkinson’s Trust. I am determined to achieve this extraordinary distance notwithstanding my disease and am really excited at the prospect of undertaking this challenge with Dave.  He’s a great athlete.  I am hugely grateful for his support and for his commitment to my 10MillionMetre campaign and also for the support and assistance of the deVere Group, whose involvement has been instrumental in realising the enormous forthcoming challenge of Trans-Europe.”

Dave says, “Alex and I inspire and motivate each other in equal measure and share the same passion to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease by taking on such extraordinary challenges to achieve the target of £1 Million towards Parkinson’s disease research and possibly a cure.”

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