Broken Bones and Holy Encounters!


A couple of weeks have passed and a lot has happened. I’ve been on the radio. BBC Radio Oxford (the Malcolm Boyden show) invited me along for an interview.  It was interesting finally meeting Malcolm, as he had initially interviewed me over the phone whilst I was in Dubai running the marathon.  He’s a good interviewer and both him and Harry (the producer of the show) made me feel at ease.  Thanks guys.  I look forward to catching up after 11 August.

Why 11 August?   That’s a good question and one which deserves a good answer.  It seems, that while I was running across Europe , my good friend Roberto was busy making plans.  Roberto wrote to the Vatican.  Yes, the Vatican in Rome. Now why would Roberto do that?   Well I was running to Rome and I did mention in passing that it would be the icing on the cake to meet the Pope.   Although I knew that that was highly unlikely and that it really wasn’t worth worrying about. Roberto on the other hand thought this was a fantastic idea and promptly set about putting matters in place.  Would you believe it?   Roberto wrote to the Vatican and the Vatican replied offering an invitation to meet the Pope!  Wow!!  Now I don’t know whether this is a one-to-one, with a couple of people, or 1000 people.  What I do know is I’m very privileged and honoured to have such an invitation. So next week I get to meet the Pope! I really did not expect this. I’ll keep you updated.

Drama is always good on television.  But drama in one’s life is often unwanted.  I have had drama occur to me in the form of my doctor suggesting that I may have a stress fracture of my right tibia!  The reason that this came about was that since the trans-Europe challenge my right leg hasn’t completely gone down (from being grossly inflamed). I had thought that the tendinitis hadn’t quite resolved itself and the leg being still swollen was beginning to bother me.  So I rocked up to the medical surgery and explained what I had done.  The doctor raised her eyebrows.  I then proceeded to explain about the leg and that there was a sore point halfway up my shin.  I offhandedly asked whether or not she thought that my tendinitis was still continuing and, if so,whether or not there was anything she could do about it.  After examining my leg and pressing the sore point on my shin several times (and I admit that it hurt) she’d said that she thought that I had developed a stress fracture somewhere around the early stages of the trans-Europe.  I was extremely surprised.  Well, wouldn’t you be?  If this was true this would mean that somewhere around day three of the trans-Europe I must’ve been running on a damaged leg and if this is correct, then I ran the best part of 500 miles to Paris on that leg!!!  That’s hard!!  In fact, that’s bloody tough!  Okay, I’m jumping ahead a bit.  This is quite serious and I need to make sure I know exactly what I’m dealing with so that I can train correctly (or not train – if that is the case) and hopefully keep the Challenge Henley and Otter Trail chances alive.  Therefore, this morning I’m off to have an x-ray.  I know that there are some of you who would say that you can’t always see a stress fracture from an x-ray.  Yeah,  that’s correct and if so, they going to give me an MRI.  Either way, I’ll let you know.  I guess running is out of the question at the moment but riding my bike and swimming are totally on!!

Lastly, if you happen to pick up the latest edition of Reader’s Digest, I’m in it at pages 72 to 76.  It can be picked up at all good newsagents in the UK and I am told that it’s going worldwide (except for the US).  Speaking of the USA, plans are being made for next year and crossing the whole of the USA. More information to come as it develops!

So as you can see, it’s never a dull moment!  Have a great day.  Choose to make change happen and keep moving!

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