Arrival in the USA….

Putting together a 3563 mile Traverse of the North American continent is never going to be an easy to project manage in 10 months. Notwithstanding many people saying that couldn’t be done or would be too difficult to achieve in the time I had, I’m now on the cusp of starting TAC next week. It’s really going to happen and it’s really scary!

Sharkey (Mark Howlett) arrived on Thursday night. Friday was spent running around like mad headless chickens trying to get kit together and all before the plane departed 4 PM Monday. Huge thanks and appreciation to Blade Printing services are doing a fantastic job in a short space of time in getting decals ready for the fantastic Touareg supplied by VW USA!!

Bike boxes from bike box Alan were secured and with too much luggage was piled into the waiting taxi and we hit the remains of the bank holiday weekend traffic.  We made the plane and collected the car thanks to enormous help from Dennis from Wally Park and his fantastic crew. They were kind enough to point out that we were in the wrong place and gave us a lift to pick up the car from an alternative location. Talk about service!

We finally arrived at the home of Larry’s cousin and after much conversation a very long day was put to an end. This morning, breakfast was a surprise. I’ve never seen so many eggs on my plate before in my life! Hot hot chilli sauce and steak too!!! Feeling full in fact he stumbled into Wheat Ridge Cyclery and again got top service from Wayne and Nick who didn’t bat an eyelid and remained really calm in the face of very stressed out Englishman! Again, great service!

Larry had an idea to run round the mountains. This was a fantastic plan. So we went to Red Rock – where tonight Mumford & Sons I’m playing a gig. While they sound checked, Larry, Sharkey and me ran the trails at the entry height of 7500 ft. Awesome end for today with a great run of seven miles altitude training. That combined with a nine hour flight with an equivalent acclimatisation of 10,000 ft, the mountain work is on course.

What’s  not on course is the swim to the Statue of Liberty. It seems that there are conflicts of interest between different administrative departments and government organisations which may mean that I may not be able to swim to the  Statue of Liberty. So alternative plans are already being made and I’m hopeful that something spectacular will replace the New York swim. I haven’t got time to be  disappointed about this with the Statue of Liberty as there are over 3500 miles to go and I think that’s pretty challenging in it’s own right. Don’t you?

Keep moving!!!

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