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I was going to write about the TAC in detail but as I’m writing a book about it, you’ll have to wait for a little while…but I promise that it will be worth it,

Just over two weeks ago, I appeared on the BBC 1, One Show, the second night in a row that they had covered my Trans-American Challenge.  To be honest, I was extremely nervous about sitting on the couch next to Michael Palin and Alexander Armstrong. However, I needn’t have worried as both Michael and Alexander as well as all the guys at the BBC made me feel very welcome.  The feedback and reaction both in the Parkinson’s community and wider public has been quite astonishing and so far to date, almost £13,000 has been raised as a consequence.  I cannot thank everyone who donated but please be assured that I am extremely grateful to each and every one of you and humbled by the generosity shown. Thank you so much.

The TAC was truly epic and I am (I believe) the first person to traverse the USA using four different disciplines. I had hoped to use five but the US Parks Service at Liberty Island wouldn’t let me exit the water there. I was disappointed but to be honest, I was so shattered by the time I got to NYC that I might not have been able to complete the swim…so they may have actually done me a favour. Who knows eh?

Although, I crossed the USA, I did not do it alone. To achieve such an incredible distance I needed a experienced support team.  I feel that I had the best and huge thanks and appreciation are rightly due to a bunch of fantastic volunteers, thrown together at the last minute and who showed resilience, professionalism and camaraderie. However, it still didn’t prevent them for telling me off when I needed it!!! To all my support crew, I owe you a debt of gratitude for keeping me alive and making the TAC the adventure that it was:

Mark (Sharky) Howlett

Larry Watson

Sean Colman

David Lui

Janelle Craig

Bill Davies

Sam Fox and

Joe Coulson and Phil Holmes from the BBC (who also became honoree TAC crew!!!)

Thanks also to the families of all my crew for agreeing to them being away for such a long time.  Cheers to Bernard (Larry’s cousin, for giving us a place to crash before the start, the advice, bike rack and a hunting knife).

Massive thanks also to Duct Tape Docs, Dr. Wortley, Air Ambulance New Zealand, Virginia Beach Lifeguards, Bloc Bikes  (Lancaster CA), Nate at Wheat Ridge Cyclery (Denver, CO), the irrepressible Karl Wooley, the fabulous legal assistance provided by Messrs Husch Blackwell LLP, Cynergy PT, Russ Cox, Ian at Orca, the enthusiasm and belief of Peter Emina, Jer O’Mahony, Rob and Filipe at Athlete Service and not forgetting David Brown for getting my head in the game!!!!!

However, none of this would have happened without the belief and support of my sponsors (please see the sponsor page at for more info) but in particular:

Volkswagen (Volkswagen America) – for providing the fantastic Touaregs and your continued support! Your vehicles rock!

Orbea – for providing two SDi2 bikes (awesome does not come close to describe how good these bikes are). The bike clothing was amazing too!

Clorox – for funding the RV and fuel. You gave me and my crew a place to rest and great cleaning products to keep clean and infection free!

Saucony – for the best footwear and clothing to run Death Valley

OMM – for jackets and footwear that really work on the mountain!!!

BikeBox – for 2 bikeboxes and the warm bike kit! They work they’re great – use this company’s products.

Buff – the piece of kit that I will always have in my expedition kit!

Garmin – for GPS kit that really, really works and currently helping me calculate my route distance. Particularly the 910XT!

OpticNerve – eyewear that did the job brilliantly and looked cool. Thank you!

Activ-VIII – for providing physio treatment and getting me from massive injury to being able to undertake and complete the TAC!

And lastly, but definitely not least, the deVere Group – who financed the TAC.  You kickstarted the TAC into life with your belief and support. Without the deVere Group’s involvement the TAC would not have got off the ground. Thank you!!!

I could not raise the awareness of and funds for a cure for Parkinson’s that I have (to date) without the help, belief and assistance of my sponsors, who are also spreading the word too!  Please give them your support and visit their websites via my sponsor page

There will be a full review of the kit I used including what worked and what was not so hot, so watch this space!

That’s it for now…I am going to go and make plans…if you’d like to catch up on the TAC coverage by the BBC, please go to the following links:

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