What do we want????? Cancer drugs!!!!!


The following is where I stand. My thoughts right now on Parkinson’s treatments and what I believe is important. Obviously, my opinion can change but this is right now.  I can’t fit all of this huge area of research in to one blog. Nor do I want to go on about it…as I’d rather not have people use this blog as an aid to sleep. so here goes:

The following was posted on a Facebook Parkinson’s Page by me. It got some comments and I’d welcome yours. If you have any, please send them via the contact page on my website at: www.alexflynn.co.uk

Original post wording: Thanks to the Parkinson’s Institute. These cells (see picture below) are my stems cells grown from a biopsy of some skin I donated. From that skin, fabulous stem cells are being produced for in vitro research and also creating dopamine producing neurones too. Here’s hoping my cells (which are dividing like crazy) will help move research in Parkinson’s forward. Cool eh? Get involved with research….make a difference and let’s Keep moving!!!!

First Comment: Stem cells are all very well but Parkinson’s starts in the lower gut and progresses up nerves linking gut and brain. Treatment of the gut bacteria and reduction of absorption of toxins is a better way to treat PD (and the commentator, Parkinson’s Improvement Programme, is right but…)

My Response:True, however in vitro testing of cells cultivated from stem cells into neurogenic dopamine producing cells will cut down time in relation to production of treatments that will serve the better purpose of the Parkinson’s community as a whole.

That doesn’t rule out the need to find neuro protective treatments while at the same time tackling the causes. If it is the alpha-synuclein protein which is the cause of neuro degeneration in PWP, then I advocate that PWP should be able to use the leukaemia drug Nilotinib at early stage to lower the level of alpha-synuclein protein, thus extending the PWP’s time on lower meds and allowing time to develop new treatments without symptoms that will limit the PWP normalcy of life.

And my response to those who say the cancer drugs can be debilitating is, at a low dose the side effects could be lower and secondly, why not if the other option is only masking the symptoms of an advancing disease. As for cost? I think my life and yours are priceless in comparison to the cost of a treatment that may help extend time for PWP.

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