This last week was awesome.

I have been spending time with my sons and liaising with some fantastic people – there are big big things developing, which I can’t divulge at this moment but you’ll be the first to know. However, one great bit of news that I can talk about is that I received an award!!!

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust awarded me Special Recognition and gave me a certificate in a fantastic frame and a book (on endurance events – which I am sure will give me food for thought) but the coolest thing was the fact that they have created a yearly award.

The Alex Flynn Award For Going The Extra Mile will be judged by me and a panel of fundraisers. I am determined to make this an award to go beyond your limits for. More details to follow.

The morning will find me heading North to the Lake District in the UK to run with and interview the amazing world champion Ricky Lightfoot and also meet with OMM and Mountain Fuel. This will be made easier with the use of a fantastic Tiguan which they have lent for the trip. Thanks VW

It’s all go!!!!!
#Keepmoving #nevergiveup

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